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Fall Update     Aug. 2018

We've moved!!  Check out our new site at!

All future updates will be posted to this site.


Spring 2017 Race Schedule     Jan. 2017

Happy new year triathletes! We hope you are enjoying winter break and keeping up with your training during the winter months. 

The spring schedule will be updated soon, but we are planning on doing some of the NECTC races along with some more NYRR races. Get excited for the spring semester and stay tuned!

Fall 2016 Race Schedule     Sept. 2016

New this semester we are registering everyone who signs up beforehand, so race registration (plus lodging and transport) are free!

 Race DateDistance 
Lake George TriathlonSep 3  Olympic
 FirmManSep 11  Sprint/ Half-IronMan Relay
 Buzzard's BaySep 18 Sprint 
 Westchester Sep 25Olympic 

NEW MEMBERS! Please fill out the information on this google doc to get signed up for the team.


Spring 2016 Race Schedule     April 2016

Spring races are here! Time to emerge from hibernation and run around outside.

 Race Date Distance Registration Notes
Run as one 4mile April 
 4 mile Register on your own, no race reimbursement
Your first mud runMay 11.5-2 miles (and obstacles)  
 NE opener Triathlon (or duathlon) May 15 SprintNo registration reimbursement, but lodging and transport are provided.

please fill out this google doc to help us prepare for this semester's races

Fall 2015 Race Schedule     August 2015

Get excited for school and our fall season! 

New this semester, all races will be FREE! Just show up to the start line and you will be reimbursed for the online registration at the end of the season. 

 Race Date Distance Registration Notes
 Lake George Sept. 5 Olympic Choose the Collegiate option-- “Lake GeorgeTriathlon-  Olympic NECTC – NECTC”
FirmMan  Sept. 13Sprint/Half IronMan Relay  Register online ONLY if you are competing in the  Sprint Race. We will take care of Relay registration.
 Westchester Sept. 27 Olympic Use code WESTCOLLEGE15 at checkout. Select  COLLEGIATE when choosing your classification. 

Please fill out membership info for 2015 and sign up for each race here by August 12 to be guaranteed travel and lodging.

For some motivation, read about this guy who raced 50 IronMans everyday for 50 days straight
(click the epic beard)


New Uniforms!     August 9, 2013

Our new uniforms are finally here! We want to thank everyone for the feedback on uniform designs, and we are proud to debut our new, one-piece 2XU Long Distance Triathlon suit. The new suits are as follows - apologies for the links, the website isn't allowing embedded images at the moment! :


Cost: $120 each

CLICK HERE for the 2XU Sizing Chart.

Interested in ordering one? Contact us!

*spring 2017 update* Our one-piece suit stock has run out, but we are planning on ordering more this semester!